Hi, this is Plasma Captain. I'm teaming up with fellow TandemShocker FernGully to create a rich new platforming experience. The game is titled Arctimicia after the name of its protagonist.

Arctimicia is a traditional world-based platformer with semi-procedurally-generated levels. Each world will contain four normal levels across two environments, a mid-boss, and a big boss. The protagonist, known as Arc, will need to use ice and thunder magick to deal with a wide array of hostile entities, all while completing various missions in order to advance.

Aesthetically, Arctimicia will resemble the style of popular 90's import games such as Bomberman and Mega Man, featuring a cast of colourful villains, cute monsters, and a quirky story. The plot revolves around Arc and her bard companion, Sarabelle, as they travel across a distorted realm.

This game is currently on hold while I develop other projects, but I definitely intend to return to Arctimicia in the future - just don't expect it to look the same!

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The game is on hiatus, but you can still learn more about it in its early state:

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