Snake Evader is a game that flips the old "snake" genre on its head. No longer is the player a snake. Now, the snakes are the enemy!

As a small robot, you must collect Golden Eggs while dodging four wicked mechanical snakes, the Pyceptors. Each Pyceptor has its own personality, and the team works together to grow their own trails and trap you. Outlast them for long enough, and the next stage is unlocked.

Snake Evader also includes a Maze Mode and a Battle Game. The Maze Mode is packed with 50+ maps full of interesting traps, enemy characters, and rival bosses. In the Battle Game, you can compete with up to three other friends in a couch multiplayer experience! Play the Survival Mode and try to outlast each other against the enemy snakes, or play the classic Snake Mode and trap your opponents directly with your own ever-growing trail of fire. A selection of maps is offered for each mode, and each map has its own unique gimmick to change up the gameplay.

Since time immemorial, the Nuuta and the Pyceptors, two complex robotic races, have been at odds. At the center of this conflict are the Golden Eggs, the supreme power source. Queen Dragon, ruler of the Pyceptors, has constricted the supply of Golden Eggs with an iron grasp. As a result, the Nuuta race is at the precipice of extinction...

You and the other Nuuta know that now is the time to retaliate. Pushing back against the enemy Pyceptors, you must force your way into the forgotten domains seized by the enemy and take back as many Golden Eggs as you can. With perseverance, you will reach Queen Dragon herself. Only then may this conflict be ended, once and for all...

The Pyceptors are the primary obstacle in your path to victory. They all have different personalities, and they'll use them to work together as a team. You can take advantage of this fact, though, and turn their plan on its head by countering their strategies.

Here are a few of the characters who will appear:

"I'm coming for you!"
The lead Pyceptor. She targets you directly, going for the shortest path.

"Where do you think you're going?"
Hunter's companion. She likes to swing around and catch you from the front.

"Argh, I'm just so mad!"
Ragey wanders listlessly... until you cross his path.

"I like eggs."
Glutton doesn't care much for violence, or... anything other than eating, really.

In the ongoing struggle, the Pyceptors have captured any Nuuta who dared to oppose them - but you can get them back. Each stage in the Evader Mode and each Battle Game mode has a set of four unlockable characters, each with a challenge requirement. Completing the challenge spawns a Character Capsule, which you can collect to unlock the character!

Here are a few of the characters who will appear:

Good at running. This is the default character.

This Nuuta likes to wear skirts for some reason.

Still learning about the wonders of the world.

Responsible for more than one Golden Egg shortage.

Lays boring Silver Eggs. Technically, it's a Nuuta...

If you complete the Evader Mode, you'll unlock the Maze Mode. In this game, you must navigate a series of mazes, avoiding new types of enemies. Each maze presents a sort of puzzle that you must complete in order to unearth and destroy the hidden Malus Cores. At the end of each level is a Snake Mode duel against a super-powered rival character.

The 7 Spectrum Cyborgs

These rivals show up in the second act to cause trouble. Each one has a special power, and many of them begin with an additional advantage. You will need to grow your trail of flames to trap and defeat each of them.

He was once a noble knight. He holds the power to magnetize Platinum Eggs.
A talented spy. He can cover his own trails to outlast his opponents.
A ruthless arms specialist. Her weapon of choice is a powerful gun.
Her past is a mystery. She likes to toy with her opponents.
A former Space Officer, a tear in space-time drove her to insanity.
An emotionless assassin. Even her allies have never heard her speak.
The leader of the 7 Spectrum Cyborgs. He is rumoured to be invincible...

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